And In Just 5 Minutes…

After yesterday’s protracted, waste-of-time attempt at uploading stuff to the Blind Poetics website (it ended badly; website said ‘no’ which meant people had to have the whole thing emailed to them as an app, which is shite when people want stuff immediately at the click of a mouse and not all this email stuff), I was pointed in the direction of these chaps at issuu who did all the hard work it took me ten hours to do in 5 minutes…


Now you can read (as a flip book, no less) and download – if you want (I mean, you can buy a printed copy) – a pdf copy of the first Blind Poetics pamphlet, ‘Collection’. Click here.

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Free Stuff…

After a day’s hard graft converting the first Blind Poetics pamphlet into a fancy, la-di-da flipbook I decided to put it up on the website for people to download. It looks good and all professional-like…..


The software lets you read it like a book, and even makes swishing noise when you turn the pages…


Just like the real thing. Then when I tried to upload it to the website it went all sad on me and wouldn’t upload the files. I tried everything (even tried on this blog) but no joy. Any helpful words much welcome. Anyway, the upshot is that I finally converted the whole shebang into an app that runs – just like the flipbook – on Flash Player, which we’ll email to you if you fill in the website contact form. All free….

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More Fringe Frolics…

I’m pretty sure I’m too old for frolicking. Anyway, here’s a few more snaps from my Fringe 2013 experience.


This was a futile attempt at promoting my show/whipping up an audience into a spoken word frenzy/shouting at people in the High Street. As you can probably tell there’s not many people paying attention (I wasn’t the only one during our 20 minute slot; we were all roundly ignored). Still, I seem to be striking quite a dramatic pose, all clenched fist and shouty gob.

I also managed a few sets here and there (and I’ve a few more still to do), but sadly I didn’t have an army of acolytes at any to take lots of glossy pics. However, when Blind Poetics Big Night of Spoken Word rolled into town last week, we did have a proper photographer with a real camera who took lots of great pics here. If you can’t be bothered looking through them to find a pic of me, here’s one:


Yes, I know I’m wearing the same shirt. I was chuffed to find it for only a fiver, and it’s 100% cotton. Bargain. I’m reasonably sure it was chucked into the washing machine between the first pic here (taken on the 6th) and the second pic (taken on the 12th). The denims – I’ve been wearing the same pair for about three weeks.

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ANIMAL: Full House


Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th. Downstairs at the Fiddler’s Elbow; a smallish venue but less people to worry about. Tuesday wasn’t as good as Wednesday, crowd-wise (I managed a full house on Wednesday of about 15 people; told you the venue was small).

DSCN0165And I took in some rather hefty ‘donations’. On Tuesday the bucket held the princely sum of bugger all but Wednesday saw almost £10 fall into the bucket. I was thrilled, obviously. I took that ten quid and went mental with cash lust. I bought a bottle of water and got the bus home.

A great learning experience. Here’s to August 2014; I’m looking for a longer run and another venue…

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I’ve organised a fundraiser for the spoken word bit of the PBH free fringe. Details here:

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Here’s some blurb stuff for my one man show at this year’s PBH Spoken Word Free Fringe. There’s only two dates but I’ve got some great guests (Tracey S Rosenberg, Max Scratchmann, Mister Freckles), and a slideshow. It’s on at the Fiddler’s Elbow on August 6/7th at 12.15pm. Free. Nae weans.

Facebook event page:

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Blind Poetics, 8th July 2013

A fine way to spend a summer’s evening.
Photo by George Anderson.

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